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16 July 2009 @ 10:35 pm
hello LJ *O*

it's the revival of my LJ account !
i spend the day working on this layout  >_< but it's still not done yet
i'd like to erase the white border but i can't, i suck so damn hard at coding.
so if anyone can help, you'll get my endless gratitude ^^

well i decided to get back here cause i'm too shy to post journal entries in my DeviantArt page
moreover i'm taking a break from fanarts and stuff and i wanna be more concentrated in my original manga project called IMPACT.
i'll be spamming around here, posting crap and doodles ^
and speaking in my crappy english Loool

i called this LJ page "ART IN A CAGE" cause i'm a damn hardcore fan of The Strokes, nya this band rocks so hard (huh i can't wait for their come back) so the title is ralated to one of their songs "Heart in a cage" which i worship and adore !

*hugs and kisses*